4 Ways Families Can Benefit From Hiring A College Consultant

Helping your teen check out and compare college options is an exciting experience, but it can also get stressful. Learn how to navigate the decision here.

4 Ways Families Can Benefit From Hiring A College Consultant

4 Ways Families Can Benefit From Hiring A College Consultant

15 November 2021
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The end of high school marks the start of a new phase of life. Attending college after high school can allow students to pursue knowledge, earn professional certifications, and better their chances of attaining satisfying careers. However, before students can attend college, they must first gain admittance to the school of their choice. Choosing colleges to apply to and completing the required applications can be highly stressful, especially for families that have never gone through the process before. Fortunately, knowledgeable professionals can help families navigate the college application process. Here are four benefits of hiring a college consultant:

1. Reduce your family's stress about college applications

As the end of senior year approaches, students may become more and more stressed about college. Unfortunately, this stress can be contagious, especially if parents are also feeling anxiety. A college consultant can simplify the college application process, clearing up common misconceptions about college admittance that may be fueling your family's anxiety. When students and families are less stressed, they will be better equipped to enjoy this unique time in a young person's life.

2. Optimize your student's college strategy

Applying to colleges strategically can help students maximize their free time while also ensuring that they get into satisfactory schools. In many cases, it's a mistake to apply to only one college. A college consultant can help students apply to a number of different schools that they would like to attend. Ideally, these schools will cover a range of difficulties. A good college application strategy will ensure that students have safety schools to fall back on, even if they don't get into their dream school.

3. Eliminate simple, common college application mistakes

College consultants can help students turn in the best college applications they can. Avoiding simple mistakes, such as spelling errors and missed deadlines, can maximize students' chances of gaining admittance into college. College consultants can also guide students in choosing essay topics and writing personal statements. These pieces of writing are highly individualized, but a good college consultant can help kids understand what college admittance boards want to see.

4. Learn more about various schools from a trustworthy source

Finally, a college consultant can help students learn more about the schools they're interested in. Finding out more about admittance ratios and campus life can help students make informed decisions when it comes to the schools they'd like to attend. College consultants work with students from many different disciplines, so they have a wide breadth of knowledge to draw upon. 

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Helping your teen check out and compare their college options is an exciting experience, but it can also get pretty stressful – especially when you don’t see eye to eye with one another on specific topics, like dorm quality. But with a little planning and an open mind, you can minimize the stress and optimize the excitement. Tactics like sitting down with your teen to make a list of essential facilities and features will help keep you both on the same track. You’ll find lots of tips, tricks, and resources you can use to make things easy when it comes to finding the perfect college for your teen to attend that you can both be happy with.