Helping your teen check out and compare college options is an exciting experience, but it can also get stressful. Learn how to navigate the decision here.


Exploring Finance Options for Military Education

6 June 2024
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Pursuing higher education is a valuable investment, and for military personnel, veterans, and their families, various financial options make this journey more accessible and affordable. Understanding these options is crucial for leveraging the full benefits available to those who have served their country. This blog will delve into the diverse finance options for military education, helping service members and their families navigate their educational pursuits. Montgomery GI Bill The Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) provides education benefits to service members and veterans who have paid into the program and meet specific service requirements.
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Helping Your Teen Choose a College to Attend

Helping your teen check out and compare their college options is an exciting experience, but it can also get pretty stressful – especially when you don’t see eye to eye with one another on specific topics, like dorm quality. But with a little planning and an open mind, you can minimize the stress and optimize the excitement. Tactics like sitting down with your teen to make a list of essential facilities and features will help keep you both on the same track. You’ll find lots of tips, tricks, and resources you can use to make things easy when it comes to finding the perfect college for your teen to attend that you can both be happy with.